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Dr. Paul Howard


Dr. Paul Howard is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Birmingham, Alabama At, you will find exceptional plastic surgery information and plastic surgery before and after photos.  Dr. Howard's extensive background in reconstructive plastic surgery has made him one of the most sought after Plastic Surgery Specialists.  His patients are an elite group of people who believe there can be no compromising when it comes to cosmetic surgery enhancement.  Dr. Howard is internationally recognized for his artistic vision, personalized patient care, and highly trained staff.  We look forward to assisting you with your cosmetic plastic surgery needs. Call today to schedule your confidential consultation: 205-871-3361



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Dr. Howard is a specialist in plastic surgery procedures of the face.  Dr. Howard studied plastic surgery at the Unversity of Miami under world famous plastic surgeon Dr. Ralph Millard, and completed his plastic surgery fellowship under world famous cranio-facial surgeon Dr. Paul Tessier in Paris, France.  Dr. Howard is world renown for his expertise in reconstructive and cosmetic plastic procedures of the face.   Patients from all over the nation travel to Dr. Howard's office for his facelifting procedures known as The Howard Lift.  Dr. Howard's approach to facial rejuvenation is aimed to give the patient a refreshed look without the "operated on" look.  Dr. Howard believes cosmetic surgery should be natural appearing while turning back the clock. 






Breast Augmentation Gallery

Plastic Surgery of the Breast


Dr. Howard is one of the first to introduce the endoscopic breast augmentation utilizing the armpit incision.  While on staff at the University of Alabama at Birmingham department of Plastic Surgery,  Dr. Howard and one of his then plastic surgery students, Dr. Grady Core, developed and published their innovative procedure that has forever changed the landscape of plastic surgery of thebreast.  Decades later, Dr. Howard and Dr. Core continue to perform breast implant procedures that forever hide the surgical incision out of sight.  Dr. Howard perfers this method of breast augmentation today.  Plastic surgeons world-wide have learned how to do this same method via a training video produced by Drs. Howard and Core over 20 years ago. 




Body Contouring Cosmetic Procedures


Body Contouring procedures can be one of the more personal choices when choosing to have plastic surgery.  Whether it be liposuction or tummy tuck, the decision to address those areas that you may choose to not un-dress can be very sensitive.  Dr. Howard and his staff are experienced to help you acheive a figure you can be more confident in.  There are no bogus lasers or magic wands in Dr. Howard's office promising you results that don't last. Dr. Howard's approach to a better figure is aimed at lasting results and a healthier outlook. 



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