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Rhinoplasty Birmingham






Rhinoplasty - Nose Surgery

by Paul S. Howard, MD



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Rhinoplasty Recovery Time

Rhinoplasty Risks

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Nose Surgery, or Rhinoplasty, is the medical term that describes the operation used to improve nasal breathing and, in most cases, to improve the appearance of the nose.  The operation is performed through carefully placed incisions inside the nose to remove or reshape any excess or malpositioned cartilage or bone, resulting in improved breathing through the nostrils.  It is rare to need skin incisions for rhinoplasty thus there should be no external scarring.


We see many patients who have had previous nasal surgery. In general, we ask that patients who have had previous nasal surgery to wait at least six months, if possible, before a second operation is recommended.  A consultation can be obtained at any time to discuss possible problems and the solutions that are available.


Rhinoplasty can be one of the most enjoyable Plastic Surgery procedures when performed by an experienced surgeon.  The challenge is to find a surgeon that has the skill and mastered the wide variety of techniques used to reshape a nose.  The ultimate goal is to have a nose that breathes well and adds refinement to the overall facial appearance. The attractive nose is always straight, symmetric, and is of the proper size to accentuate the attractive face.



Rhinoplasty Before and After Pictures


Rhinoplasty before after picsRhinoplasty Birmingham

Before                                                               After


Rhinoplasty and Chin Augmentation Before Picture by Dr. Paul HowardRhinoplasty and Chin Augmentation After Photo by Dr. Paul Howard

Rhinoplasty and Chin Augmentation Before PictureRhinoplasty and Chin Augmentation After Picture


The patient above had a Rhinoplasty & Genioplasty (Chin Augmentation)

by Dr. Paul Howard.


Rhinoplasty Before and After Photos by Dr. Paul S. Howard


Rhinoplasty Recovery Time

Recovery from Cosmetic Nose Surgery can be between 4 to 7 days off work.  Most patients have a surgical dressing applied in the operating room which must remain in place until Dr. Howard removes it during one of your post operative visits.  Dr. Howard usually removes this dressing after 5 days. Swelling and bruising can persist for longer than one week. Patients are allowed to resume regular activities after one week, and may resume strenuous physicial activity after 2 to 4 weeks. 


Rhinoplasty Risks

Risks are associated with any surgical procedure whether cosmetic or non-elective.  Some risks are numbness, swelling, infection, and bleeding.


Rhinoplasty Cost

All patients are not created equal and all noses rquire individual sugical plans to achieve an aesthetically pleasing and realistic result.  During your consultation, Dr. Howard will discuss your cosmetic surgery needs to achieve the result you desire. With the use of digital imaging, Dr. Howard will be able to help you visualize your potential surgical result. Cosmetic Nose Surgery is considered cosmetic by insurance companies and therefore is not a covered medical expense.  There are few instances when this procedure is considered reconstructive such as adult Cleft Lip Rhinoplasty surgery.  The cost for cosmetic nasal surgery can range between $3500 to $5000. 


Dr. Howard accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance. 



"My parents got me a nose job for college graduation.  It was the best gift ever!  Thanks Dr. Howard for making me the nose I have always wanted."

Stated by a Patient of Dr. Paul Howard